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Mike Young - Biomechanics of the Rotational Shot Put

31m 23s(2007)
Track & Field

Biomechanics of the Rotational Shot Put presents an overview of the fundamentals and techniques used by the world’s best rotational shot putters. The ongoing research that has been conducted on America’s medal-winning throwers is presented in an easy-to-understand, coach-friendly manner that is appropriate for coaches and athletes of all competitive levels. The DVD explains and demonstrates how coaches can train rotational shot putters to maximize their performance.

Among the topics covered:

  • Techniques used by the best throwers in the world
  • Basic physics of the shot put
  • Why the action of the swing leg is so important
  • Effective use of the flight phase to increase throwing distance
  • Setting up the throw at the front of the ring
  • The three things that need to happen at release to throw far
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