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Travis Floeck - Woman & Girls Becoming Stronger & Faster While Promoting Lifelong Health: Day 2 - 2022 Wildwood Running Clinic December Portland

XC & Running

Embark on the second day of our two-day journey with Travis Floeck, Assistant Coach of Distance Running at the University of Idaho.

Dive into the continuation of Woman & Girls Becoming Stronger And Faster While Promoting Lifelong Health, exploring essential aspects such as "The Why," "The How," techniques to "Move Better," a focused "Core Warm-Up," strategies to "Get Stronger," and practical workout examples.

The session culminates with an engaging Q & A Session, providing further insights into fostering lifelong health by empowering women and girls with enhanced strength and speed.

Topics covered:

  • Woman & Girls Becoming Stronger And Faster While Promoting Lifelong Health
  • The Why
  • The How
  • Move Better
  • Core Warm-Up
  • Get Stronger
  • Workout Examples
  • Q & A Session


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