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Brad Gilbert - Roderick and Agassi Tips and Drills for Everyone Else


In Roddick and Agassi Tips and Drills for Everyone Else, Brad Gilbert, coach of a number of Major Winners, including Andre Agassi, Andy Murray, and Andy Roddick, as well as an accomplished player in his own right, discusses how to drill players of all skill levels in a variety of situations and how to build their confidence.

Coach Gilbert outlines practice strategies and how to control the ball.

Additionally, Coach Gilbert details how to increase cardio during practice while developing skills.

Finally Coach Gilbert does a question and answer period to communicate his ideas to coaches.

Topics covered include:

  • Why the First Five Minutes of Practice Matter
  • Controlling the Ball
  • Multiple Volley Drills
  • Playing at the Net
  • Doubles Play
  • Utilizing Angles and Racquet Placement
  • Footwork
  • Serving Technique and Strategy
  • Q & A Session
tennis brad-gilbert ball-control practice-strategies increase-cardio skill-development volley-drills doubles-play utilizing-angles racquet-placement
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