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John Graham - Power, Agility, and Speed Training for Baseball


Power, Agility, and Speed Training for Baseball presents a detailed overview of the most up-to-date fundamentals and techniques involved in developing essential motor skills for baseball.

Featuring highly successful Emmaus (PA) High School baseball coach John Schreiner and members of his championship team, the video explains and demonstrates several of the key factors involved in power, agility, and speed training for baseball, including movement preparation, dynamic warm-up, assisted/resisted acceleration training, and plyometric and speed training.

The video also features a series of proven developmental drills designed to enhance the motor skills involved in baseball.

Among the topics covered:

  • Movement preparation
  • Dynamic warm-up
  • Assisted/resisted acceleration training
  • Plyometric and speed training
  • Agility ladder drills
  • Line drills
  • Cone drills
  • Static stretching
john-graham baseball conditioning power agility speed-training dynamic-warm-up acceleration-training plyometric-training line-drills
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