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Ajamu Olaniyan - Developing an Effective Speed, Strength, and Agility Program

Track & Field

Developing an Effective Speed, Strength, and Agility Program details how to dramatically improve sprint speed, agility, and core strength, using a series of progressive drills.

Coach Ajamu Olaniyan explains how to identify specific areas (e.g., speed and quickness) that may need improvement. Each drill is explained and demonstrated in an easy-to-understand manner. The video is designed to be appropriate for athletes in all sports (particularly football and soccer) and at all levels of fitness.

Among the topics covered:

  • Dynamic warm-up 
  • Butt kicks 
  • Positive reinforcement 
  • T-stretch 
  • Forward & reverse lunges 
  • Focus on one point of emphasis 
  • Groin stretches 
  • Formulating a speed, strength, and agility program 
  • Speed assessment drills 
  • Agility assessment drills 
  • Hurdle drills 
  • Ladder drills 
  • Medicine ball drills
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