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Dr. Parker Daniells - Periodization Made Easy: Creating a Blueprint For Your Season

XC & Running

In Periodization Made Easy: Creating a Blueprint For Your Season, Dr. Parker Daniells, assistant coach of distance events at William Jessup University (CA) outlines a year-round training methodology.

Coach Daniells discusses how to develop distance runners through a number of coaching techniques, from off-season to race day.

Additionally, Coach Daniells covers how to create your team culture while being able to adjust your coaching style to fit your specific team goals.

Topics include:

  • In-Season Training
  • Off-Season Training
  • Building Strength Through Building Mileage
  • Creating Year-Round Training Programs
  • Time Trials
  • Creating and Maintaining Pace
  • Goal Setting
  • Adjusting Workouts for Multi-Sport Athletes
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