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Tania Fischer - Q&A - Part 2 - Womens Running Coaches Collective

Track & Field

Santa Monica High School (CA) head cross country and track and field coach Tania Fischer was a successful age group, college, and professional runner. In 1996 she qualified for the Olympic Trials 5000m with a time of 15:33. Tania later went on to co-found "The Janes", an all women's running club, as both a runner and a coach.

Coach Tania talks about her early days in Southern California as a top age group runner, her two years in Germany running under the government system, joining the Santa Moncia TC with Joe Douglas, and her transition to head coach at Santa Monica High School.

Her story is both fascinating and informative about her experiences as an elite runner and coach.


The Women's Running Coaches Collective is a talented group of women coaches who have come together with the mission to change the landscape of coaching as Title IX changed the landscape for girls and women in sports. This grass roots organization was created to encourage and support women who want to become coaches, or women who are currently coaching. Our WRCC website includes interviews, articles, videos, "Ask A Coach", regional 'Chapter' communities and much more. The WRCC is a collective to support, unite, inform, inspire, encourage and empower women coaches at all levels of our sport. Come join us today and help change the landscape of women in coaching. Click to join. It's free!

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