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Ajamu Olaniyan - Long Jump and Triple Jump Skills and Drills

Track & Field

Long Jump and Triple Jump Skills and Drills provides an overview of the basic fundamentals and techniques involved in each event.

Featuring detailed training information for both the long jump and the triple jump, coach Ajamu Olaniyan includes a series of introductory and intermediate drills that coaches at all competitive levels can use to develop the key skills essential to each event.

Each drill is explained and demonstrated in an easy-to-understand and -apply manner.

Among the topics covered: 

  • Fundamentals of jumping 
  • Form running drills 
  • Approach technique 
  • Box drills 
  • Flat-flat drills 
  • Toe-toe-toe-flat-flat drill 
  • Landing drills 
  • Switch-hurdle drill 
  • Coaching pointers for the long jump 
  • Triple jump drills 
  • Hop technique 
  • Single-leg hop drills 
  • Hop-step drill 
  • Extended bounds on boxes 
  • Step-jump drill 
  • Hop, step, and jump drills
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