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Mark Hays - Dynamic Speed Workout: Improving Speed on a Relatively Low Budget

Track & Field
Dynamic Speed Workout: Improving Speed on a Relatively Low Budget provides an overview of the steps that coaches can undertake to improve the level of speed, agility, and quickness of their athletes.
With a focus on participant safety and achieving maximum results, with a minimum of financial outlay for training equipment, coach Mark Hays details why balancing both sides of the body is the key to improving speed, while avoiding being injured.
With regard to the development of linear speed, Coach Hays features an extensive array of exercises that are explained and demonstrated in a step-by-step manner that coaches can employ to enhance the performance level of their athletes.

Among the topics covered:

  • Bounding series: bunny hops
  • Bounding series: squat jumps
  • Bounding series: high knee running
  • Fast foot workout
  • Fast foot workout: bunny hops
  • Fast foot workout: stair hops
  • Fast foot workout: bounding
  • Bleacher series: squats
  • Hip girdle series: clams
  • Hip girdle series: hurdle trail leg backward
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