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Bryan Hoddle - The Ultimate Sprint, Hurdle, Relay and Conditioning Video

Track & Field

The Ultimate Sprint, Hurdle, Relay, and Conditioning Video presents a detailed overview of how coaches can improve their athletes` performance in the sprints, hurdles, and relays.

Appropriate for coaches at all competitive levels, Coach Bryan Hoddle explains and demonstrates the fundamentals, techniques, and principles involved in sound training for sprinters, hurdlers, and relay members. 

Among the topics covered:

  • Mechanical principles of proper running
  • Active mobility drills for hurdlers
  • Coaching tips for hurdlers
  • Sprint training
  • Medicine/exercise ball work
  • Sprint problems and solutions
  • Testing protocols
  • Baton drills
  • And block work
bryan-hoddle track-and-field sprinting sprint-starts mobility-drills sprint-mechanics hurdle-mechanics hurdling relays conditioning
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