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Bob Olsen - Approach and Take-Off for the Pole Vault

Track & Field

In Approach and Take-Off for the Pole Vault, Bob Olsen, former NCAA All-American and coach of a number of Olympic Trials Qualifiers, discusses the proper techniques involved in pole vaulting. Coach Olsen examines all aspects of the pole vault, including equipment selection, proper mechanics, and safety concerns.

Additionally, Coach Olsen reviews the technical aspects of pole vaulting, such as pole angle and alignment, while also detailing the physical attributes pole vaulting requires.

Finally, Coach Olsen provides training techniques and methods to develop your athletes.

Among the topics covered are:

  • Approach and Take-Off
  • Pole Carry
  • Planting the Pole
  • Selecting the Proper Pole
  • Physical Demands of the Pole Vault
  • Pole Angle and Alignment
  • Replicating Your Stride
  • Safety Concerns
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