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Alan Dunson - Northern Arizona University - Coach to Coach

20m 46s(2019)
Track & Field

Throughout his tenure at Grand Valley State University, sprint coach Alan Dunson coached 47 All-Americans, eight of which were in relays, including the NCAA Indoor DII Women's 4x4 Relay National Championship team. He also coached five NCAA runner-up finishes while at GVSU and coached 12 athletes/relays to school records.

In 2018, Dunson was named the DII National Women's Outdoor Assistant Coach of the Year. In that year he coached seven student-athletes that collected 11 All-American honors during the 2018 NCAA Division II Outdoor Championships. In addition, Dunson also had eight Lakers receive a combined 20 All-Region honors and six student-athletes crowned champions during the GLIAC Outdoor Championships. He also received the Women's Midwest Assistant Coach of the Year honors during the indoor and outdoor seasons.

Dunson is now an assistant coach at Northern Arizona University.

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