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Andrew Coverdale - Combination Plays: Runs and Fast Screens - Advanced PackagesFree to Watch


In football, currently, packaged plays that have multiple answers built into them have become more and more important.

Combination Plays - Runs & Fast Screens: Advanced Packages, by Coach Andrew Coverdale builds from a foundation of basic procedures toward more advanced packages that blend core runs, individual routes, and downfield throws.

Coach Coverdale covers a wide range of key topics, including a conceptual overview of such plays, a system for teaching the thought process of the quarterback, post-snap keys, and ballhandling/footwork considerations.

Among the topics covered:

  • Constraints
  • Cathedral (Indianapolis-Irish)
  • duPont (Manual-Crimsons)
  • Crestwood (Oldham-Dragon)
  • Old school (Flaget-Braves)
  • Paducah (Tilghman-Tornado)
  • Run game issues: backside end
  • Evolving the concept
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