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Andrew Coverdale - Utilizing Spacing Concepts to Attack Down the FieldFree to Watch


Utilizing Spacing Concepts to Attack Down the Field, by Andrew Coverdale, discusses why utilizing spacing concepts is an effective way to provide any pass play with a "second lease on life," as well as improve throwing efficiency.

In this regard, Coach Coverdale explains how coaches can build the thought process involved in achieving such an objective.

Coach Coverdale also details new ways such a thought process can be implemented, particularly with attacking down the field.

Among the topics covered:

  • Fundamentals
  • Trinity spacing overview
  • Receiver fundamentals in creating a spacing strategy
  • Teaching & thinking process for the QB
  • Depth adjustments to spacing
  • Individual
  • Video clips
  • Read routes
  • 4x1 spacing with "cop"
  • 2x2/3x2 "knife" with mid-spacing
  • Bush with mid-spacing
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