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Golden Pat Ruel - Better Offensive Line Fundamentals

Better Offensive Line Fundamentals offers information, ideas, and insights concerning the key factors involved in sound offensive line play.
Featuring Golden Pat Ruel, with over 40 years of combined college and NFL coaching experience, the video explains and demonstrates a number of fundamental skills that are essential for all offensive linemen, including contact positioning, blocking techniques, and adjustments that should be undertaken in response to movements of a defender.
The video also explores the principles involved in both inside and outside zone blocking.
In addition, the video discusses how important it is for coaches to be great teachers of the game.
Among the topics covered:
  • Being the best
  • Stance demonstration
  • The footwork and initial contact
  • The three F's
  • Coaches should be great teachers
  • Offensive line rules
  • Angled & vertical boards
  • Chute drill
  • Combination blocking
  • Blocking demonstration
  • Video clips
  • Hard work
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