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Josh Cochran - Counter Variations


In Counter Variations, Josh Cochran, Tight Ends Coach at Texas Tech University, discusses how to implement the counter run game, involving your running backs, tight ends, and quarterback.

Coach Cochran details a variety of personnel groupings, formations and the individual responsibilities for each player.

Additionally, Coach Cochran provides a number of drills and techniques for your linemen in the counter scheme.

Finally, Coach Cochran reviews a number of film cut-ups and play diagrams illustrating his counter run game philosophy.


Topics covered include:

  • Why Run the Counter?
  • Multiple Personnel Groupings
  • 0-Line and TE Blocking Responsibilities
  • Rules of Running the Counter
  • Formations and Play-Calling
  • QB Runs in the Counter Scheme
  • Run Game Drills and Techniques
  • Play Diagrams
  • Film Cut-ups
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