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Gordon Sammis - Zone Run Game Fundamentals


In Zone Run Game Fundamentals, Gordie Sammis, Offensive Line Coach at University of Connecticut, (CT), discusses basic Zone Run fundamentals.

Coach Sammis outlines a wide range of critical topics, including Zone Run basics, field navigation, blocking techniques, facing the defensive line, and various blocking schemes.

Additionally, Coach Sammis details gap assignments for the O-line, play diagrams, and run drills.

Finally, Coach Sammis provides a number of film cut-ups detailing techniques. 


Topics covered include:

  • Zone run basics
  • Getting vertical and horizontal
  • Blocking footwork and shoulder angles
  • Getting vertical on the D-line
  • Double team and block schemes
  • Gap assignments
  • Play Diagrams
  • Run Drills
  • Film cut-ups
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