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Rich Hargitt - The Spread Belly RPO's


In The Spread Belly RPO’s, Coach Rich Hargitt, an innovator of RPO (Run Pass Option) football and Head Coach at Emmett High School in Boise, Idaho, discusses his thoughts on how to implement RPO schemes and adjustments based on your opponents tendencies.

Additionally, Coach Hargitt outlines how to game plan for various defenses.

Finally, Coach Hargitt discusses the terminology and formations he uses to attack weak points in the defense, while also using schemes to beat more talented teams.

Topics covered include:

  • Game Planning vs Various Defenses
  • “B.I.G.” Philosophy
  • Year Round Coaching Strategies
  • Four Quarter Conditioning
  • Tempo and QB Protection
  • Unbalanced Packages
  • Adjusting to Your Opponents Strengths
  • Using Personnel Packages to Attack Defensive Formations
  • Film Cut-ups
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