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Joe Osovet - Developing a Multi-Look Spread Offense: the Bolt Offensive System

25m 55s(2016)
Developing a Multi-Look Spread Offense: the Bolt Offensive System presents an
overview of the underlying philosophy and operational features of this unique
spread offense that has produced back-to-back 2000-yard rushers and averaged 40
point-per game over the last two seasons. The video examines the nuts and bolts of
what makes this no-huddle spread offense so successful, including the central
notion of a multiplicity of pre-snap alignments, coupled with a minimum of blocking
schemes to reduce the amount of thinking required of the offensive line. The video
also explains how this read offense camouflages the most effective plays with
different personnel groupings and alignments. In addition, the video reviews how
the use of various backfield and perimeter alignments can help disguise plays, by
creating multiple looks for the defense.
Among the topics covered:
• Offensive philosophy
• How we operate
• Backfield alignments
• Queens
• Kings
• Jacks
• Empty (bravo/delta)


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